Why Isn’t Your Business Card Digital?

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You know, we live in the most socially connected, digital era in human history but  yet we’re still passing around our contact information on a piece of paper invented in 17 century (Tradecards) . Why?
Ok, think about this, everything we do today in business is digital. We started off with carrier pigeons, then we moved to the Pony Express, then the Postal Service with your mail, then to your email and now more people are using Facebook and Slack messaging to communicate with each other.
Your storefront became your website and More people are doing business online than they are from their store.  More people using their mobile phone to communicate and do business than ever before?
Everything is transitioning to a digital world, yet we’re
still each other a piece of paper with our contact information. It just doesn’t make sense!
“I have a drawer full of business cards, and I can never find the one I need when I need it,” he said. “They’re useless.”
Ask yourself right now. At any time, are you closer to your mobile phone or your or your client’s business card? 

Why there is not a good solution in the market?

Because we are asking the wrong question.
“Digital business card” topology & description does not fit the model. Is not a “card” , is a “mobile web page”.
Our profiles and business information have expanded in the digital world. We change our job, our address, our phone number, and our social media profile sometimes in monthly basis.
Our clients want to find us in at least in 5 to 10 different portals in less than a second.
There are over 7 billion people in the world. An estimated 4.8 billion of them own mobile phones, but only around 4.2 billion own toothbrushes.
You want and need it faster and better now! 
We noticed many people wishing for paper cards in an events or engagement . They do not want to have to pull out their mobile phone, unlock it, open the app, and try to  find the right card, and then end up just having to email it anyway.
They want the eye contact, a question ( Mobile number)  and texting a link that carries all their web profile.
They want an easy way to open up a conversation that uses their best tool ( Mobile phone)

You want to cut cost and increase efficiency 

We designed the “Digital Profile Page” using Google cloud and apps. This way you can use the power Google web development, knowing you are getting the best and most reliable cloud applications at the lowest cost .

Your unique “Digital Profile Page” in the Cloud is;

  • Individually Designed for you and your business or ideas.
  • Embedded on your client, customer, and your mobile devices.
  • Always available! ( Google sites SLA)
  • Designed specifically for Smartphones and tablets.
  • Web-based page, No App required!
  • a iOS and Android Smartphone compatible
  • Free and if needs to be customized , very Cost Effective.
  • Used for business, idea launch, CrowdFunding hobby, Real Estate, eCommece, sporting clubs, personal etc.
  • Three updates are included per year
  • QRcode ready
  • A paperless business cards good for the environment