What Is A Responsive Web Site?

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What Is A Responsive Web Site?

Responsive design in a website means that the code used to design or develop it has been created so that a web site automatically adapts the size of a screen. A web site will display correctly in a phone, tablet, or computer.

How do you know if your web site is responsive?
Take a look at your web site in your smart phone and on your tablet or IPad. If parts of the site are cut off or if you need to move all over the place to get to links or parts of the navigation bar then you will know that your web site is not responsive.

If you can see the entire homepage and all the navigation bars you know that you have a responsive web site.

Why does it matter?

More and more people are doing research using tablets and phones and you may have even noticed that the latest computers are a tablet/pc combination so this means that you are losing prospects and frustrating clients every time that your web site is accessed via these devises and the result is difficult a difficult to read and navigate site.

So you need to ask yourself what is the cost of losing customers and prospects vs. getting your web site re-designed to be a responsive web site. Rather than worrying about the cost of the re-design, you may want to capitalize right now and move the bar for your business buy doing what your competitors are not doing, making it easier to buy from you while the others frustrate them.

A few more important things to know about responsive web design:
Responsive web sites can be made in WordPress, HTML, and many other programs.

There are many responsive themes and templates available in many of the popular web site platforms.

These themes and templates are not as easy to install and customize as non-responsive web themes and it is easier for novices to mess up the very code that makes them responsive.

It is wisest to have a professional install and set it up for you and you do the content updates.

How much does it cost to get a responsive web site designed?

As with all design work, it much depends on what we, designers, are asked to do. Obviously a completely custom designed professional web site that is responsive is going to run about $2000.

On the other hand, if you or we can find a highly customizable responsive template or theme the price range drops dramatically to an average of $300 to $500.

Also, take a look at our Promotions page on our web site. Every month we will feature two to three highly customizable themes or templates that we can make into an amazing responsive website at incredibly low rates.

If the featured ones are not your thing, subscribe tour blog so that you are automatically notified when we post new one.

What if you have more questions?

You contact Ryan at 407-900- 8083  Head designer at BuildYourPromo  Website Design

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