Web Hosting

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Many people wonder “what is web hosting?”
Web hosting is the “hotel” where your website will reside. The actual programs and files that will be seen by people when a site is live are uploaded to your web hosting account.

In this rented space you can create, manage, and use all of the email accounts that your company will use. There are many other features that a web hosting account can provide such as your web traffic statistics, automatic file back up, and much more.

Imagine that if you did not have your website within a web hosting account, visitors would need to login to your personal computer or network in order to see and access your website.

When you purchase business web hosting, your website with all its files, images, search engine optimized code, etc. resides in a cloud network that has been set up to automatically back up and also tolerate the traffic of potentially multiple people accessing and viewing your website simultaneously. This is now often referred to as cloud web hosting.

Generally speaking, business web hosting is rather inexpensive and this is another aspect of having a website that should not be taken lightly with regards to selecting which company to use.

We have seen many owners who not only lost all of the files of their websites but more importantly, their ability to access their website for good when the selected a cheap web hosting company that ended up going out of business.

For many years we have used and recommended BuildyourPromo Website design orlando for their inexpensive packages and yet, tried and true reliability and support. While there are many options out there and some many even appear cheaper, we have found that they often “nickel and dime you” after the fact for things like additional email addresses, space for images, and more.

We like knowing that at a very good price our clients will get everything they need without hassles to have to go and upgrade or buy additional things.

For your convenience we have included a direct purchase form if you would like to select BuildyourPromo Website design orlando