Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO and Why Would I Need SEO in Orlando, FL??

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Search Engine Optimization, in general, refers to work that involves optimization techniques, marketing strategies and maintenance tasks to improve the overall search engine ranking of your website and individual web page rankings on the major search engines. Your potential customers will search for your products and services using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as map services, GPS devices and local business listing directories.

These properties index and list millions of websites and web pages in their respective systems. When someone does a search for a business, topic, service or product, for example (we call them “keywords”), the search engines will list websites that are relevant to that search, based on where the person is searching from, meaning the IP address of the device they are using along with the city that device is in. However, where your website falls among those results will depend on over 200 factors that are taken into consideration among each search engine. Among the most important factors are the quality of the content on your website or web page, how reputable or creditable your site is, the quantity and quality of other relevant websites that refer or link to your website, and the listings of other website pages that fall under the same search term. These are just a few of the ranking factors considered in search engine algorithms.

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The major search engines, especially Google, update their ranking system algothithms often. The complexity, frequency and purpose of their respective algorithms will have an affect on the placement of your website, as well as the other websites in the index of each search engine. It can be a challenge to stay on Page 1 of the search engines’ results without SEO or web marketing.

SEO is an ongoing effort and should be considered as a maintenance program to improve the visibility of your business. It’s necessary and recommended for you to be on an SEO/Web Marketing Plan to maintain your rankings. SEO is geared toward the “organic” or “free” listings area of the search engines. If you want to pay to be listed, then you need to consider “SEM” or Search Engine Marketing, where you pay to be in the “Sponsored” section, like Google AdWords.

Search Engine Optimization includes many facets, such as porperly optimized titles, meta descriptions, alt image text, and content of each of your website pages. Keeping your website updated with fresh content, new focused content pages, and visitor engagement is important to maintaining a steady ranking for the particular search queries people type in to the search engines.

If your business has a physical address, it is important that business name, address, phone, hours of operation, and other data is accurate and consistent througout the top local listing directories.

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