Internet Marketing

It’s all about search engine rankings
Internet marketing is a process which begins with a website that is well designed with search engine know-how built into the design, and then progressing into the world of SEO (search engine optimization) at the code level.

Most business owners are very concerned with Google search engine ranking, other top search engines, as well as how to improve search engine ranking. It is of the essence that any website that hopes to attract viewers be committed to implementing search engine optimization, and developing internet marketing strategies.

We meet business owners time and again who have either designed a website themselves or have paid a web designer to create one and they are amazed at the lack of result, traffic, or contacts received from their site. Upon inspection of the website’s code we find that the website was never properly set up with search engine optimization and therefore it will never achieve much in terms of Google search engine ranking. It just simply cannot since this is the process for a search engine to “find and categorize” any website for relevant content.

The strategies are many and they are ever changing as it relates to the rules that the mayor search engines implement but yet one thing remains constant: attractive, usable, relevant, well designed, and optimized sites without tricky gimmicks are a great bet for the short and long run.

All of web design projects are built and delivered with search engine strategy and optimized code. We will discuss options for building site traffic, how to monitor progress, and an action plan to keep your website increasing rankings and visibility.

We offer two different options for SEO: standard (delivered with every project) and advanced, which includes keyword analysis, research, competitor analytics, and more. Advanced SEO services are provided by our partner specialist:

Search Engine Specialists

Search Engine Specialists

Additionally, we work with our clients on search engine strategy and we provide search engine submission services. We do not provide “pay per click” services but we can assist our web design clients in setting up accounts with Google and other major search engines.

Because we understand the relationship between the correct design of a website, relevant content, and search engine optimizing code we do not provide SEO services for websites that we have not designed or re-designed. As a principle, we are not in the business of doing things half-right.

Seowebpower is Awarded 2016 Website Design Firm

Seowebpower is Awarded 2016 Website Design Firm

We are very happy to announce that Seowebpower has been awarded by the Newport Beach Award Program for website design

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