Hacking with Google, How to move your idea, innovation and business forward with leveraging with Google Apps for Work!

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 Hacking with Google, How to move your idea, innovation and business forward with leveraging with Google Apps for Work!

We assist you to build your business and office collaborative and communication infrastructure. From integrated Email, to CRM, Task management , Brain mapping apps to cloud PBX .

Using Google site we build your web surface ( website) to promote value and embed video, forms, map, sliders, A,B,C call to action with mafia offer landing pages and much , much, much more.

 Google Apps for work
👍Faster Teamwork  👍Higher Productivity 👍Lower Cost  👍Growth accelerator 


Hi, welcome to atmosphere digital. Thanks for joining our google apps for work event, What’s driving forward thinking businesses. In google docs called voice typing. What you’ve just seen is one of our newest features It makes taking notes a snap, Especially while on the go with a tiny keyboard. I’m maureen bradford, director at google for work And  I ‘ll be your guide through the next hour. Before we scan the agenda, Take a sec to check out the features on your screen.

The swirling dots are actually a social visualizer, An easy way to see how people are reacting to content. You can also ask questions live And we have our google experts ready to chat And answer questions real time. Okay. Now, here’s what you’ll experience in today’s event. First, we begin with the global perspective. It’s estimated that every day, An average of about 100,000 plus businesses are started.

Now, what determines which ones fail And which ones succeed? Well, here at google apps, We’d like to help you answer that question. Rich rao, who leads our global sales And is a long-time googler, Will share the three common characteristics Of our most successful customers. And then to pan out to a wider than google perspective, We’ll hear from the united states Federal chief information officer Tony scott. He will share his perspective.

On what makes businesses successful Including his view on the internet of things And business transformation As he leans on his executive leadership experience Leading at disney, microsoft and general motors. After tony, we’ll complement these perspectives By handing the mike to an array of forward-thinking businesses

That have gone google with google apps, Including salesforce, Woolworths, concha y toro, we work and made.Com. We’ll wrap our insights discussion With a sit-down with tony fadell, Founder and ceo of nest, Considered the father of the ipod And recent hall of fame member On vanity fair’s “New establishment list” As one of the world’s top 25 disruptors. Tony and rich will hold An alphabet on google conversation On the key ingredient for disruption. Why businesses need to “Think younger,” In tony’s words, And what really prevents companies from excelling. And finally, to close our event, We invite you to join in an interactive demo Of google apps’ most popular features With our atmosphere team behind the scenes.

But now, without further ado, Let’s turn it over to rich for the three most common traits Across our 5 million apps customers worldwide. Hi, everyone,  I ‘m rich And during the last nine years  I ‘ve worked on google apps, Where  I ‘ve been witness to significant evolution. Even what people think Of as the classic enduring logo of google Has evolved over the years With the latest change just occurring. And more specific to apps,

You can see that our first website Took on a much more humble form And has evolved to the point Now where millions of people come to engage with us today. At an industry level, Things have evolved extremely rapidly. Seven years ago, a book called the big switch Predicted the move From on-premise computing to the cloud. But even as we reflect back, some at google, Including myself  I  have to admit, Have been surprised at just how quickly This transition has occurred.

And if it feels to you as if business around you Is also evolving at a faster pace, It’s because, well, Actually business is evolving at a faster pace. And the data supports that. In the 1950s the average company Joining the fortune 500 was 75 years old. In 2013, that figure shrank to just 10 years old. Here’s another data point. It used to take decades for a company To reach the $1 billion market capitalization point. These days companies reach that in just a few years. And in some unicorn cases, just a few months even.

Now part of what’s driving this is the digital transformation. As consumer technology gets more powerful, Entirely new business models emerge. And some of those new business models can disrupt.