Frequently Asked Question's


How much do you charge for your services?

I do not have “catch all pricing” for my services. The price per project is completely dependent on the size and scope of your project and what type of services you need. For instance, a logo project that involves serious amounts of brainstorming, sketches, examples and client consulting is going to cost more than a basic marketing flyer project, since it is considerably less involved. The only way I can give you accurate pricing for a project, is if you contact me and let me know the details of what you are looking to accomplish. Then I am able to asses the size and intensity of your endeavor and provide you with a formal estimate/proposal.

What is your normal process for taking on design work?

Once I have a good understanding of what you need, I provide a detailed proposal document that outlines the approach I will be taking to create your project. Once the client reviews and agrees to the proposal, a deposit of 50% of the project cost is due at the start of the project. I will then begin work, providing examples of the options I have created and consult with the client about the chosen direction, repeating this procness of refinement until the client is statisfied with the outcome. Once the project is completed the final 50% is due to acquire the final files. I am happy to work with budgets and alternate payment plans if needed.

How do you accept payment

I accept payment via paypal just click the easy-pay button

How does 30 day support work

The Build Your Promo 30 days support guarantee is designed to help our customer resolve minor website issues or questions about editing their new site our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind once their website is completed
30 day support does not include new pages new features or additional work . to request additional  work please contact us at 407-900-8083

How long will my project take?

This again is dependant on how big the scope of your project is, but typically once a proposal is accepted and deposit is paid, I will have start the project. If your project is a “rush job” or has tight time constraints, I am happy to honor them within reason. If for some reason I am unable to execute the project in the given time, I will communicate that to you in the preliminary stages, before a proposal is created.

Are you in my area?

The chances are, I am not in your area. I do a lot of advertising in different cities in efforts to work remotely for companies in need of design work. My out of town advertisements always list that I am working remotely, I am located in the Orlando Florida area. I have been successfully working remotely for companies all over the nation for the last 7 years, I communicate through emails, text messages, phone calls and video conferenceing. I am very familiar with this type of working “set up” and have been able to navigate through it very effectively.

Can we meet up to talk about a project?

If you are located near my area(Orlando), I am more than happy to meet in person to discuss anything you need involving design work. Otherwise I am happy to set time aside for phone calls and/or video conferencing.