Domain Registration

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Strategic Domain Name Registration
Like everything else “web”, selecting a strategic web domain registration name matters in more ways that meet the eye.

As part of the branding analysis that we conduct for your organization when we are hired as your web design firm, we will help you select smart, effective, and easy to remember domain names.

We will recommend that you purchase immediately as many of the versions of the domain name as are available, such as “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, etc. since domain names are inexpensive and by owning all the versions possible you insure that your returning clients do not end up in the wrong web site or your competitor capitalizes on your clients when they type the wrong extension.

Here are some tips on how to buy a domain name:

Write down on a paper all the possible domain name registration options that you want to consider.
Avoid complicated spelling words, people’s names, and generic company words such as “enterprises”.
If your registered company name uses a person’s name, be ready to register two sets of web domain registrations: one that contains primary keywords representing what you do and a second one that is your official company name.
Multiple domain names can be easily forwarded to a single website so your clients and prospects will get to your web pages no matter what domain name they use.
Keep in mind corporate identity and easy branding when selecting a good domain name: if your domain name is “cheap” you are surely going to get “cheap clients”.
The easier to remember, the better. However, be creative (starting with your primary keywords) because many of the ideal domain names have been purchased by people looking to sell them at a hefty premium.
Select a stable and reputable and affordable web domain registration place that will be there to help you forward the domain names and will likely not go out of business net month.
Keep in mind that the cheapest domain registration will likely save you $1-$5 per domain name registered and ask yourself the cost of the hassle if the cheapest domain registration company that you selected disappears.
Conduct a free domain registration lookup at the place where you will purchase the domain name.
Purchase immediately the desired domain name. This is a must because there is talk in the marketplace that some cheap domain registration companies track these searches and purchase domain names that were searched and not purchased.
Purchase at minimum the “.com, .net, .org” versions of your primary domain name to block others from purchasing them.
When you are ready to register your domain name, we suggest the following choices:

If you will be purchasing more than one domain name and/or extension our preferred provider is

Go Daddy $7.99 .com Sale!

If you will be purchasing a single domain name combined with your web hosting account (which will give you the corresponding email addresses even before your website is completed and published) we recommend that you select our preferred web hosting provider: All My Internet Stuff. You can visit the site directly at BuildyourPromo Website design orlando or you can purchase the package here directly by using this form.