115 Must Know Facts about Social Media (Inforgraphic)

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Through out the years we have seen the rise and fall of eras of the internet. We have come and gone from huge computers to small cellphones. We have seen websites that look like Notepad documents to full blown obnoxious pop-up ads on content we are trying to read. Social media sites that look like today’s Reddit and social media mobile applications like Instagram. No matter what it is they all have a story, we all have an idea of how they came to be. But here are 115 must know facts about social media
(as portrayed by an infographic).Skilled.Co has put together a massive treasure trove full of fun facts here for you today. So, read along and take a look at the social media statistics infographic to learn a thing or two about how all of this online interaction can work for you. You may already know a few of the key points here, but there should be plenty of new information that you had never even considered before.

This article was written by Rafael Hernandez from Seowebpower
Infographic was produced by skilled.co